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Earth Archive was founded through deep communion with the natural world and the belief that to live authentically is to live in respect, reverence & right-relation with the Earth. We create luxury, ritual products that are intentionally made through ancestral practices and slow-craftsmanship. It is a manifestation of the intelligence of the plants, the land and soil held like a record through our creations. An archive of the Earth. 

Giving back to the planet & honoring Indigenous culture through conscious collaboration and regenerative reciprocity.
Handcrafted remedies crafted with the intention to connect us more deeply to conscious plant intelligence and the medicine they offer.
A co-creative relationship with Mother Earth is the foundation to our own healing and growth. Conscious collaboration from every being involved in the process.

About the Founder

Olivia Burr is an artist, healing arts practitioner, herbalist and founder of Earth Archive, based in Topanga Canyon, CA. 

Olivia is a dedicated student of Amazonian curanderismo in the Shipibo-Konibo tradition. Her work in these sacred healing traditions has been the guiding through-line in her practice to support the healing of both herself & others on their own unique paths.

Her healing arts practice is informed by the relationship between the self and the natural world. Through this recognition, a deeper understanding & acceptance of all life can be compassionately cultivated. With the awareness that true healing comes from within, she holds the intention of guiding, inspiring and supporting others to tap into the intuitive wisdom that will empower them to walk their most authentic path in this life. More on her practice and 1:1 offerings can be found here.

Earth Archive is the integration of her path thus far. With reverence and allyship, Earth Archive strives to reciprocate support back to the Earth and the Indigenous groups for the shifts they have imparted in her worldview.

Returning to the Earth

Earth Archive is focused on intentional creation with organic, wild-harvested and environmentally conscious ingredients that promote a respectful way of communing with plants & their medicine. We hold the vision of inspiring others to live in a state of connection, flow and intention. To walk softly, leave offerings with gratitude, and receive in prayer all of the gifts that this world has to offer us.

Reciprocity and right-relation are the core & founding principles of Earth Archive. We honor indigenous ways and the wisdom keepers that generously share their knowledge with us. We actively support the protection of Indigenous soil and craft, striving to educate and increase awareness on ways to live more harmoniously with the Earth. 

A portion of our sales are donated directly to indigenous-led non-profit organizations that are committed to the protection and restoration of the land, culture and life of the rainforest.

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