our ethics


Ingredients & Sourcing

Our vision surrounding sustainability is rooted in creating a conscious & trusting relationship with Mother Earth.

We are committed to sourcing sustainably wild-harvested ingredients. We work exclusively with non-timber forest products (NTFP’s) and support local indigenous harvesters in the Peruvian & Brazilian Amazon. Prices are set in relation to the season’s abundance & their pay, ensuring fair-trade rates set by the harvesters themselves. We hold a vision of supporting Indigenous sovereignty & culture through a collaborative relationship of co-creation. 

The plants used for our oils are grown in the wild, not farmed, and therefore do not contribute to deforestation. These harvesting practices provide communities the opportunity to support themselves by staying away from mono-crop farming and timbering that are plaguing the rainforest, as well as to sustain the plants and trees that provide so generously. They then move on to be cold-pressed by small family artisans in the Amazon Rainforest.

The importance of sustainable and ethical practices from start to finish is at the core of Earth Archive’s ethos, from ingredient sourcing to production, paving a new pathway in the skincare industry that connects us more deeply to the natural world.

Production & Packaging

We choose to work with local printers and producers for all packaging and collateral. We use recycled or biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible and are constantly striving to explore new & visionary options for sustainable options. 

Our collection is entirely handcrafted and packaged in-house, further reducing the carbon footprint in the chain of operations that bring our products to you. We lovingly create small batches of each product - keeping our stock fresher, more exclusive, and less wasteful.